Mme Laurence Cailler

Laurence Cailler

Mme Gigi Chan Hoi MI

Gigi Chan Hoi Mi

Authentic Products produces, markets and distributes vanilla throughout the world. At the head of the company since 2005 are two women: Gigi Chan Hoi Mi and Laurence Cailler. The first is an expert in the cultivation and preparation of vanilla and the second specializes in its marketing. The daily life of the company thus revolves around four values: respect, support, honesty and hard work.

This Franco-Malagasy alliance provides the company with traceability from production through to the end customer. Authentic Products draws its know-how and strength from its presence on two sites located in France and in Madagascar. The site in Madagascar ensures the production of vanilla and develops socio-environmental programs with the producers and their families, starting from its creation in 2005. The French site allows for strict quality control (olfactory, visual, microbiological, physico-chemical, etc.), traceability, responsive logistics, advice and product expertise.

plante vanille

Traceability, responsibility, quality, safety, expertise form integral parts of the company’s commitments.

We have invested in reforestation projects within the vanilla sector in Madagascar. Hence, by working with us you are helping to limit the harmful effects of deforestation on the island.