Our Source program

We know that vanilla production would not be possible without the incredible work of the men and women associated with it. This is why we have developed the Source sustainability program which covers 4 major areas: education, biodiversity, access to health and food safety.

The Source program forms part of a systemic philosophy of projects with beneficial socio-environmental impacts for both the Producers and for the island’s ecosystems.

“Producing outstanding vanilla that benefits everyone.”
All Authentic Products’ CSR commitments stem from this vision

the vanilla sector

Authentic Products aims to produce vanilla with a controlled and reduced carbon impact. These actions form part of an Insetting program aimed at assessing the company’s carbon impact, reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and offsetting them by planting trees in its own value chain.




Producing outstanding vanilla that benefits everyone. All Authentic Products’ CSR commitments stem from this vision. To achieve it, various pillars have been prioritized, in particular the promotion of education, access to basic services for the population, and the safeguarding of biodiversity through the sustainable cultivation of Madagascar vanilla.

The daily life of the company thus revolves around 4 values:

respect, support, hard work and honesty.