Vanilla origins and features

During our voyage of discovery to the countries that produce vanilla, we found that the places where vanilla was cultivated overlapped perfectly with areas of tropical rainforest. Click on the map to discover our vanilla origins (from the left to the right) : Tahiti, Mexico, Uganda, Comoros, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea..

French Polynesia

This vanilla is more collectively called vanilla of Tahiti. The best qualities are cultivated in the archipelago of societies on the West of the French Polynesia, on the islands of Raiatea and Tahaa. Even there, these islands present a volcanic character. Thanks to the long experience of planters and curers, vanilla of Tahiti is very wide, very fleshy, matt.
Aromatic notes: powerful and floral, with an aniseed point.


Madagascar is the world largest producer of vanilla (85 %). Its production is concentrated in the SAVA area (Sambava, Antalaha, Vohémar, Andapa) in the northeast of the island.
We propose two types of vanilla Bourbon Madagascar.
- Non-split vanilla: the most faithful to our childhood memories, and to liquorice notes..
Olfactory notes: vanilla of our childhood memories, liquorice, dried prune.

- - Split vanilla: picked later than the non-split vanilla bean, with the sun the bean split in its extremity lengthwise.
Aromatic notes: prune, dried fruits.
The vanilla of Madagascar fits with salty or sweet preparations.

Papua New Guinea

Papua is a country of Oceania occupying oriental half of the Island of New Guinea. Papua has for particularity to cultivate two botanical species Tahitensis and Planifolia. Tahitensis species also cultivated in French Polynesia, is wide and matt. Planifolia species cultivated in all the countries previously quoted, is of very regular fibre.
Aromatic notes of Tahitensis: delicate, flowery and anise-based spirit, notes of gingerbread.
Aromatic notes of Planifolia: licorice.

Tonga islands

Tonga Islands are based in French Polynesia, in the South-East part of Fidji Island. Agriculture represent more than one third of the economic activity of the country. Vanilla is a cash crop culture, the botanical specie which is cultivated is Planifolia vanilla. Its color is dark, the bean is glowing.


Union of Comoros is constituted by 4 islands: Mayotte and three islands independent from France. Comoros vanilla is wide and flat, it often presents a high content in vanillin.
Aromatic notes: according to its place of production, it presents wordy nots, bays (Grande-Comoros), humus, more spiced (Anjouan).
It is very good to use on white meats or fish


Democratic Republic of the Congo is situated on both sides of the equator, the dominant climate is equatorial, hot and wet permanently.
Aromatic notes): offer chocolate greedy notes, biscuit


Uganda, benefits from two seasons of rains and from two harvests of vanilla in January and in July. The fibre of the vanilla Uganda gets closer to that of the Comoros, wide and flat. Its coat is rather matt.
Aromatic notes: leather, peat, animal
This vanilla is often recommended in salty application, it can get be cooked very well with some chocolate roasted pineapple.

Mexico vanilla, native country for vanilla

Vanilla culture is mainly anchored in the oriental coastal and mountainous region of Mexico: Totanac (Totanacapan), grouping Veracruz, Puebla and Hidalgo states.
Aromatic notes: chocolate, Corinth raisin marinated in alcohol.

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