Vanilla beans, vanilla powder, vanilla extract, vanilla sugar, what to use ?

The fruit of the vanilla is the vanilla bean, it can be transformed in different shapes and for various uses.

Vanilla bean

Working vanilla bean needs time, the bean must be split in the length with a sharp knife and seeds must be extracted with the blade.

Vanilla purist, and a majority of Chefs and pastry chefs use the bean to perfume their preparation.

The bean get the real vanilla taste, no other product will be the same. Is it mainly used by infusion and particularly with cold infusion for the Tahiti vanilla.

Advise: in order to get the more aroma as possible, do not hesitate to infuse the vanilla bean during a long time, some pastry chefs let it infuse all night long. Do not forget to let the bean infuse in your preparation even empty of their seeds, they still have aroma.

Vanilla powder

Vanilla powder is the result of whole vanilla beans grounded. It is particularly used to make biscuits or chocolate. We advise not to use vanilla powder for ice-cream making. The powder will dye the ice-cream with a brown colour which is not the idea people has about vanilla ice-cream.

Vanilla powder is easy to dose, contrary to the bean whose the weight depends on the length. A spoon is enough to perfume. Nevertheless, it will not have the exact taste of vanilla bean. Indeed, the production process can slightly modify the product and can give it some roasted flavours.

Warning! Do not mix vanilla powder and exhausted vanilla powder. Exhausted vanilla powder cannot deserve the name of “vanilla powder as it is obtained by drying and grinding the vanilla beans whose the aromatic principles have been extracted for extract and aroma production.

Exhausted vanilla powder will be used as a marker (seeds presence in the final product) but will have few aroma. Its commercial value is much less than vanilla powder one.

Vanilla extract

Vanilla extract is not only composed with vanilla. Its base can be inverted sugar or alcohol. Vanilla extract is nevertheless the purest liquid shape; its aromatic part only comes from the vanilla bean. The extract, even quality one, will not have the exact taste of vanilla as it is mixed with a base. Its power is due to its concentration, the most used are 300 or 400g/litre, which means the number of grams put in a litre of the final product.

Vanilla seeds can be added in extracts in order to get a final product with seeds.

This product is easy to use and does not dye the final product.

Vanilla sugar

Vanilla sugar is often used by household to flavour a cake.

If the cost is highly competitive, because of few vanilla in the product, the taste is weak.

We recommend vanilla sugar to flavour your yoghurt.

Vanilla sugar proposed by Authentic Products is strong thanks to vanilla powder in it (10%).