Quality policy

Selling quality products is essential for Authentic Products.

Due to the vertical integration of its vanilla network, Authentic Products guarantees high quality products and full traceability to industrial customers, pastries makers, ice cream and chocolate makers, chefs, caterers, retailers and delicatessens.

Authentic Products is flexible and adapts its expertise to the specific needs of each customer, while guaranteeing hygiene, quality, and traceability of products.

As part of a HACCP approach, physico-chemicals and bacteriological analysis are systematically done on each batch when the good is received in our French warehouse.

A general specifications sheet and a general safety sheet are issued at the time of the first contract so that you have comprehensive information on the raw materials you receive. When travelling in production areas, Laurence takes the opportunity to audit suppliers and partners and provide vision and guidance that fully complies with international standards.

Ethic charter: the quality of our people defines the quality of our vanilla

Authentic Products applies all the rules and conditions required by the French Labour Code and International rules (ILO). No discrimination of any kind is tolerated, in particular racial, political, religious or sexual.

  • Our 70 permanents employees in Madagascar have a working contract
  • At the time of high season, employees can reach 400 people
  • All employees are paid over the minimum salary, with one day off per week
  • In case of overloaded period, overtime is paid
  • Children labour is forbidden

Hygiene awareness training is given to each new employee; toilets and showers are available. They all wear working clothes and work on tables.

Upstream, social protection and living conditions are more difficult to manage. Indeed, vanilla production comes from a mosaic of family plots.

To improve farmers living conditions and to initiate a better economic, social and environmental management, Authentic Products committed on one major sustainable development project.