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Founded in 2005, Authentic Products is specialized in natural vanilla from its cultivation to its distribution. Authentic Products sells over 10% of the worldwide production, a part is organic and/or fairtrade certified (Ecocert: Certifications for the European Union and NOP for the USA, FLO CERT ID 19373 fair trade certification).

Built on the basis of a rich cultural diversity through its two partners, Gigi in Madagascar and Laurence in France, and their passion for natural vanilla; Authentic Products endeavours to listen to and meet the needs of its Gourmet and industrial customers, in all the vanilla consuming countries while at the same time ensuring quality, reliability, security and transparency.


Gigi was born in Madagascar, in Antsirabe Nord. She learnt about vanilla and the technical aspects of its preparation from her parents. She is in charge of selecting and curing our Madagascar vanilla beans. She is manager of Authentic Products Madagascar.

Laurence is responsible for the Headquarters’ administration and for the storage site based in Le Haillan, close to Bordeaux. She manages an eight team members, and also ensures marketing and distribution of Gigi’s Madagascar vanilla production and of other products selected for their quality. The latter are chosen to comply with quality standards and working conditions that are considered acceptable and are proposed by reliable and responsible suppliers in Papua New Guinea, Tahiti, Comoros, Mexico…

Ethic : the quality of our people defines the quality of our vanilla

We are only able to receive delicious natural products because of the hard work of thousands of men and women, usually living in poor countries. Fluctuations in commodity prices do not always allow them to earn a decent living, much less provide proper schooling for their children.

It is to support local populations that Authentic Products strongly commits in sustainable development projects.